Angela Veliz

I'm an artist of both paint and pixels. I love the creativity in discovering new ways to express thoughts and feelings.

My interest in digital design and creating communication tools for paper or the web motivates me to establish a direct and personal relationship with you. Such a partnership is necessary to enable the development of diversified media totally adapted to your needs and expectations.

When I paint , I express what and how I feel on the moment.
Thanks to a carefull attention given to your needs, my work and competence in graphic design will offer you a creative and original response.
Understanding you and your requested specifications is what counts.

The Fine 'Art' website is mainly dedicated to my paintings and was created in 2000 with the aspiration to show my work in a free and personal fashion.

I now professionally dedicate myself to graphic and web design and I invite all forms of enquiry; whether private, commercial, municipal, artisans...

Siret : 497 896 969 00019